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The return of Team PB

Forget whether you remained or left. Forget where you sit on the North/South divide. Forget which football team you support. One of the most unifying competitions on Earth is back… and we’re all in it together.

The last month has been rather divisive, hasn’t it? The EU referendum conjured up more passionate political disagreements than most of us can recall in recent history, with the aftermath only stirring up further debate and contrasting views across the UK, let alone down the pub.

While the leading political parties attempt to regroup and assess what comes next, the hospitality industry, of course, has had its say. As you might expect, we received our fair share of opinion pieces proposed for publication as to why Brexit would be good or bad for the market and, as an impartial magazine, we did our best to present the opinions of market associates in an unbiased light on our website. However, it was soon time for us to also regroup and begin putting together the next issue of Pub & Bar.

During the planning of the 18 July edition, one topic in particular stood out as a shining beacon of opportunity and celebration for operators and pub goers alike. The most loyal of readers may recall that four years ago, on the brink of London 2012, I wrote a piece on this page about the potential business that the Olympics can bring to trade. As the nation got well and truly behind Team GB, Pub & Bar magazine urged its readers to come together in support of the Games under the Team PB title (that’s Pubs and Bars, to be clear). Our feature on the 2016 Rio Olympics (page 24) is delivered in the same light. At a time when so many are arguing and divided over a daunting political landscape, who better to diffuse tension and unite the population through sport than the UK on-trade?

This doesn’t have to be about burying heads in the sand; distractions don’t have to be a bad thing. Just like you, we’ll be closely monitoring the implications of the UK’s exit from the European Union, but you know as well as we do that the on-trade can’t afford to stand still – it’s a constant journey. The next events for you to offer your guests are forever on an opportunistic horizon and the 2016 Rio Olympics are the next stop for Team PB.