The industry welcomes mayor's support for London pubs

The industry welcomes mayor's support for London pubs

The industry has welcomed the statement from London mayor Sadiq Khan pledging to protect London’s pubs.

Khan has partnered with CAMRA and night tsar Amy Lamé to track the number of pubs open in the capital and plans to redouble efforts to stem the rate of closures.

“I very much welcome the mayor’s support for pubs and his highlighting of this key issue for London,” says Brigid Simmonds, BBPA chief executive. “Our pubs add £3.5bn to the London economy, and along with the capital’s 80 breweries, employ over 90,000 Londoners.

“Mayor Khan rightly highlights the negative impact of high business rates – many London pubs have seen huge increases in their rates bills. I would also welcome support to tackle the sky-high rates of beer duty in the UK, which is another huge burden on London’s brewers and pubs.”

“Support for the ‘agent of change’ principle – putting the onus on developers when it comes to addressing any issues caused by new residential development next to pubs – is hugely welcome. I also hope also that the Mayor and the Night Tsar, work to discourage London boroughs from imposing Late Night Levies in their areas.”

“It is hugely encouraging to see the mayor acknowledging the vital contribution being made by pubs and confirm his support for the sector,” adds Kate Nicholls, chief executive of the ALMR. “Pubs, bars and late-night venues are an essential part of the UK’s culture and they play an indispensible economic role; this is abundantly evident in the capital. The mayor’s report recognises the unique role that pubs play and highlights the challenges being faced by these businesses.

“The report shows that the mayor is determined to support hardworking pubs in London and the ALMR is looking forward to working closely with him to help inform future plans to support pubs and the broader Cultural Infrastructure Plan for 2030.”