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On-trademark passion

You know us. We’re a positive bunch. We dedicate each issue of Pub & Bar to enthusiasm, opportunity, buoyancy... anything we can offer to drive ideas off the page and into your venues.

But, wow, our friends in Westminster aren’t making it easy at the moment, are they? While producing this issue of Pub & Bar, we’ve had new curfews, decibel limits, policing singing and many other legislative measures that have totted up to test operators across the UK as they strive to stay afloat. In spite of this wave upon wave of hindrance-filled news, this October we have done our best to bring you a magazine in line with our trademark passion, hoping to dilute some of the despair and disbelief with examples of operational vigour and insight.

Let’s take the 10pm curfew, shall we? At the time of writing, operators and trade bodies were pressuring government into a(nother) U-turn on the decision, and, who knows, maybe by the time this magazine lands the industry may have won this round. We know how restrictive and, arguably, illogical the curfew is/was, but that’s not why I mention it here. While behind the scenes operators have had to express their anger at the decision, when it comes to customer-facing reaction, they have had to adapt fast. A classic Pub & Bar-style curfew spin was deployed by this month’s lead interviewee Tim Foster (page 18). The Yummy Pub Co co-founder immediately launched a ‘10am is the new 10pm’ promotion, shoehorning a fresh brunch offer into his sites. Foster’s heart-on-sleeve Twitter feed will tell you how livid he is with the curfew decision, but, like all successful operators, he used the hubbub around the announcement to make one of his own. We like that sort of thing.

We also like ideas around cider, technology and, appropriately, takeaways, so we’ve packed out this issue with stimulating content on all of those topics. What’s more, as we know how much our readers have been scrutinising data of late, this edition also features some exclusive data of its own. From page 22, you can read all about a new report that lists the Top 100 Most Loved Drinks Brands in the UK. Enjoy the issue.

Tristan O’Hana - Editor