Surrey pub sees 1,000% growth in food sales

Surrey pub sees 1,000% growth in food sales

The Hampton, an Enterprise Inns pub in Richmond, has been transformed since 27 year-old chef and general manager Geo Bassani Lima took over in March 2014.

The pub has seen a 1,000% growth in food sales in under two years, with Brazil-born Bassani Lima recently making the top 20 in the under-30s category of the nationwide Parliamentary Pub Chef of the Year 2016, after being nominated by Twickenham MP Tania Mathias.

The Hampton hosts themed food events every week, including date night on Mondays, pizza on Wednesdays and steak on Thursdays, in addition to a Gourmet Night on the second Saturday of each month. Its menus feature à la carte, dessert, brunch and Sunday options.

“Our food offer at The Hampton is something we’re all very proud of, and has really put the pub on the map,” says Bassani Lima. “Continually receiving positive feedback from customers, online and in person, and being recognised through award schemes makes us want to keep doing better and better.”

“The recognition speaks for itself – the way this venue has been transformed by Geo and the team is phenomenal,” adds Enterprise regional manager Mark Lewis. “The Hampton has become a must-visit for food. This is a great example of how Enterprise is able to attract some of the very best people to run its pubs, and support them in making their businesses hugely successful.”

The pub was a Good Food Award in 2015, has held the top spot for best restaurant in Hampton on TripAdvisor since March 2015 and is due to receive a Certificate of Excellent from the world’s largest travel website.