The Craft Collective to take over Yummy Pub Co.

The Craft Collective to take over Yummy Pub Co.

Pub & Bar’s new initiative The Craft Collective is kicking off this month at Yummy Pub Co. venue The Somers Town Coffee House in Euston.

Three craft soft drinks brands – Dalston’s, Gunna Drinks and Remedy Kombucha – will give the pub’s team specialist insight into the opportunity around soft drinks, and over the course of four weeks Somers Town will be trialling their products in an effort to rejuvenate its non-alcoholic offering.

What’s more, look out for The Craft Collective’s expert columns in the next few issues of Pub & Bar, starting with this one.

You can read all about how Somers Town benefitted from craft soft drinks in April’s issue of the magazine.

Join the craft soft drinks revolution

Insight provided by Dalston’s, Gunna Drinks and Remedy Kombucha

Alcohol consumption has fallen each year since 2014 and more than 20% of under 25s are teetotal. Each year Dry January puts a big hole in your profits. So how can you get people spending again?

The answer is craft soft drinks. Driven by the same trends as craft beers and spirits, craft soft drinks are revolutionising the soft drinks category, with revenue growth of more than 50%.

When your customers cut down on alcohol, they naturally look for interesting and healthier soft drinks to replace their favourite tipple. But unfortunately, the ‘old school’ fizzy drinks stocked by most pubs and bars are not very inspiring.

In a recent survey of 2,000 pub goers, more than 80% said they wanted to see a wider choice of healthier and more interesting soft drinks in their local bar.

So, stocking an exciting range craft soft drinks is a great way to drive incremental profit:

  • Encourages teetotaller’s/alcohol reducers to choose your bar over other places
  • They will spend more if they have something exciting and healthy to drink
  • Consumers will pay a premium for craft: revenue per litre on craft soft drinks is two times higher than mainstream fizzy drinks

Follow The Craft Collective’s quest to put soft drinks in the spotlight over the next three issues of Pub & Bar.