Average night out costs just under £70

Average night out costs just under £70

Average consumer spend on a night out has risen by 15.5% to £68.68, up from £59.49 last year, according to the Deltic Night Index.

Commissioned by The Deltic Group, the quarterly report has revealed that average consumer spend, frequency and duration of late nights out have increased compared to last year.

This increase was driven by an 11.7% increase in spend on food (£16.20), a 10.3% increase on in-venue drinks spend (£19.25) and a 32.1% increase in transport spend (£12.02). As well as spending more, consumers are also going out slightly more often and staying out for slightly longer compared to last year – 58.1% of consumers go on a night out at least once a week, and the average night out is now four hours 35 minutes.

Looking at consumers attitudes to their local area, the data shows that respondents feel very positively about their local town or city, and the quantity and quality of leisure options available.

“Given the ongoing pressures facing the UK’s retail and leisure industries, it is fantastic – and perhaps surprising – to see that so many Brits feel this positively about their local towns and cities, and the leisure offerings within them,” says Peter Marks, chief executive of The Deltic Group.

“If anything, it seems that consumers are looking for even more variety, demonstrating just how important it is for operators to work together with local governments and other stakeholders to enrich our towns and cities by providing a great round-the-clock offer for people to enjoy.”