Consumers unhappy with out-of-home costs

Consumers unhappy with out-of-home costs

The average Brit feels ‘outraged’ by the cost of items seven times a month, according to a new study.

The research, commissioned by J2O Spritz, shows that customers are increasingly viewing food and drink costs as too expensive.

Pricey drinks on a night out emerged as one of the things consumers begrudge spending cash on. This includes those who aren’t drinking alcohol, who spend nearly £40 on an average night out on mocktails and soft drinks.

When it comes to socialising this summer, 59% of the 1,500 adults surveyed think the trend for overpriced mocktails has got out of hand, with three out of five Brits feeling frustrated if they have to wait more than two minutes for a drink to be served, and the same proportion (60%) admitting that it is rarely worth the wait. Despite this, individuals are spending on average £1,144 on going out with friends during the summer.

When ordering off the menu, Brits think that adding the word ‘artisan’ in front of something is likely to raise the price by a 56%. Other bug-bears include the use of unnecessary words such as ‘deconstructed’ (39%), ‘charred’ (28 percent), ‘foam’ (43%) and ‘foraged’ (32%).

“Over the past few years, as more consumers have focused on their health and moderated how much alcohol they’re drinking, the soft drinks market has seen an explosion of positive activity,” says Pub & Bar Magazine editor Tristan O’Hana, who assisted J2O Spritz with the project. “Pubs and bars have reacted too, with the majority of influential bartenders now recognising they need to cater for the dominant trend of low- and no-alcohol drinks. Despite this increase in choice, as with most things, the key is to keep the serves simple – leading chefs often strip back ingredients on a plate so that only essential elements are included – why shouldn’t mocktails be approached in the same way? Consumers want affordable, premium soft drink options that still feel like a treat throughout the summer months.”