White Horse in Corton opens shop for village

White Horse in Corton opens shop for village

The White Horse in Corton, Suffolk, has developed a village shop in an outbuilding to the side of the pub.

The shop was officially opened last week by local resident 91-year-old David Williams.

After the village lost its shop over 18 months ago, operators Beverley Cooper and her partner Chris Nilsson decided to open one at the pub with help from rural pubs organisation Pub is The Hub.

Pub is The Hub gave them help, advice and a grant from their Community Services Fund towards the cost of the refurbishment works.

“We are opposite the village school and have a large car park that many of the parents use during term time, so we are hoping to see a regular trade from locals, school children and their parents,” says Cooper.

“We are incredibly grateful to Pub is The Hub for contributing £3,000 towards the cost of refurbishing the building from their Community Services Fund. They gave us the impetus that we needed.”