Greene King launches new maternity leave policy

Greene King has launched a new maternity leave policy and support package.

Greene King has launched a new maternity leave policy and support package for women within the brewer and pub operator's business. 

Its approach is designed to support women before they go on maternity leave, as well as help make the transition back into work easier for mums returning after having a child.

The new policy entitles salaried team members to 26 weeks full pay, plus 13 weeks statutory maternity pay; and hourly team members to 13 weeks full pay, 13 weeks half pay, plus 13 weeks statutory maternity pay, making it, according to Greene King, one of the most competitive policies in the industry.

Listening to employees   

Greene Sky, the company’s women employee-led inclusion group, has played an integral role in influencing the change and in the design and development of the new policy. 

By conducting listening groups with team members across all parts of the business, the group raised concerns around the support available and the impact to careers that going on maternity leave can have for some women and to understand what women in the business need to help them continue their career aspirations.

“Our research showed that in 2020 only 53% of women returned to work for us following maternity leave," says Andrew Bush, chief people and transformation officer at Greene King. "This stark figure showed us it was clear we needed to update our policy so women feel supported to be able to confidently choose the right time to start a family and for them to feel they can return to work at the right time for them, without feeling financially pressured to return.

“We’re continuing our journey of Everyday Inclusion, where we want to demonstrate that every person’s contribution is valued, and the new maternity leave policy and support package is a huge step forward and is now one of the strongest policies in the marketplace.”

Along with the improvement to maternity pay, the company is also offering women wrap around support from the moment they announce their pregnancy to their return to work. Line managers will receive guidance on how they can support team members before, during and after their maternity leave, as they are often one of the first people outside of the family that will be told when someone is expecting a baby.

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