Steer clear of the January blues by offering your customers something they can’t resist

January can be a quieter period for the hospitality industry, but an opportunity for operators to entice customers and drive footfall by creating offers, encouraging mid-week visits, hosting themed nights and dialling up your alcohol-free offering to match demand for healthier alternatives to tempt customers in. 

Considering key calendar occasions is also key. Implementing POS to educate customers and drive awareness of your no and low offering means planning ahead to increase footfall after the Christmas rush. 


  • Address the demand for lighter or healthier choices at this time of year by stocking up on alcohol-free alternatives
  • Design ‘themed’ nights to encourage customers in during the week. E.g. Pie night or Meat-free Monday
  • Create events and tasting evenings throughout the month to spark interest 
  • Treat low and no alcohol drinks the same as any other beverage by positioning them alongside alcohol versions on bars and menus 
  • Review your discounts and experiment with mid-week packages to entice pub and restaurant- goers