Aviko SuperCrunch Skin On Fries Road Test

We’re back in the Road Test kitchen once again ahead of a bumper summer of trading for hospitality operators. This month, Andrew Scott, head of food at Wadworth, joins us at Road Test HQ to sample Aviko’s SuperCrunch Skin On Fries.

So, what’s the Road Test kitchen, we hear you ask? Well, it’s a tailored test ground for operators to try out innovative products available to hospitality businesses across the UK. For every Road Test, we work with a leading chef and a pioneering supplier to experiment with some top-of-the-line products, before documenting the whole thing in print and on video, so our thousands of readers can take inspiration from the initiative – potentially with a view to introducing the products into their own venues. 

This month, Aviko’s SuperCrunch Skin On Fries were put to the test to showcase how versatile the product can be, along with its overall quality. The fries are made with superior spuds – which give them their delicious, fluffy profile – and are paired with a unique coating to keep them hotter and crispier for longer. These are all key qualities for a venue to consider when it comes to their chip offering, especially such a core ingredient across mains and sides. 

A classic pub pie with Aviko’s SuperCrunch Skin On Fries

“Loaded fries are featuring more and more on menus, which means that chefs need to start with a good quality, reliable fry which can stay hot, crispy and crunchy even when loaded with sauce and cheese,” says Matthew Akehurst, key account manager at Aviko. “These are qualities that 81% of diners felt were the most important when it came to loaded fries. Plus, these dishes are quickly becoming the main attraction – not just a side – so with this in mind, it’s even more essential that chefs stock a fry they can rely on.” 

Hospitality is experiencing a real bounce back, as diners are returning to their favourite venues and trying new spots. Operators can benefit from the public’s hunger for dining out by offering high-quality products such as Aviko’s SuperCrunch Fries, which work as flexibly as their menus need them to. 

“As well as eating out, diners are treating themselves with takeaways at home, so the need for tasty products that will stand the test of delivery time are a key factor – and thanks to their unique crispy coating, Aviko’s SuperCrunch Fries are ideal for these occasions,” adds Akehurst.

With the knowledge that Aviko’s SuperCrunch Fries allow chefs to easily cater to dietary requirements (as they’re gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan-friendly), we caught up with Andrew Scott, head of food at Wadworth, to see how he used the product in the latest Road Test.

Andrew Scott, head of food at Wadworth

P&B: How did you find participating in this Road Test?
AS: I loved participating in the Road Test. It’s great to get your hands on up-and-coming products or products that are just breaking through in the industry. I like to be ahead of the game at Wadworth, so I offer the best ingredients to my customers. It’s always quite nice to be asked and your opinions to be respected.  

P&B: Did you know about the products before? How did you prepare for the Road Test?
AS: To be honest, I’d just trialled Aviko’s SuperCrunch Fries in five of my pubs and the feedback was very positive from the head chefs, so I was just rolling out the fries across the estate when I was asked by Road Test to review the product. I prepared by writing two premium loaded fries recipes, one being the vegetarian/plant-based option.

P&B: What were your overall impressions of the products tested?
AS: My overall impression was the same as when I first tried them… perfect! They have a great coating, super crispy and a really lovely, mellow potato flavour. They also look the part with a slight bit of skin left on for that homemade look. I get a better yield on them compared to the last brand I was using, which is great for the pub GP, as chips are the largest volume ingredient you’ll buy in the pubs.

P&B: If you were to advise a pub chef on using these products, what would you say to them? Any recipe/cooking tips?
AS: I actually just sent a friend of mine at Q Hotels a link to these fries, as I’m so impressed with them – I don’t think it will take too long for most casual dining companies to catch onto these and start using them. Recipe-wise, they are great for general use i.e sides and on the classic dishes like cheeseburgers and steak frites. They also work well on loaded fries, as they stay really crispy even once all your toppings are on and they retain heat well too. 

P&B: To what extent is it necessary for pub chefs to keep trying new products in their kitchens and why?
AS: I’d say this is the single most important part of my job – to keep on top of food trends and new ingredients that are available to me. These then shape new dishes and recipes for up-and-coming menus. I love finding that one new stunning product that blows me away. It’s then nice to present at a team cook-off and get the feedback from the teams, then finally see it on one of the Wadworth pub menus. 

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