Revolution introduces Y2K cocktails

Revolutions Bars Group has created a limited edition range of Y2K cocktails, celebrating the fashion, trends and popular culture of the early 2000s. 

The five throwback specials are available until 25 October, inspired by noughties culture and 'Y2K' social media content tags. 

The 'It's Britney B*tch' cocktail (£8.50), named after '00s icon Britney Spears includes Cîroc pineapple vodka, Birthday Cake Revolution flavour, pineapple juice and cherry syrup. 

'What Dreams Are Made of' (£9.50), a nod to the 2003 teen classic Lizzie McGuire Movie, contains Cîroc summer citrus vodka, grenadine, caramel syrup, orange juice, lime juice and Red Bull tropical edition.

The '99 Problems' serve (£8.50) is named after the hit song from Jay Z's 2003 record 'The Black Album'. It features Ketel One vodka, Mr Whippy Revolution flavour, pineapple juice, cream of coconut and squirty cream. 

'Juicy Vimto' (£9), an ode to the popular noughties drink, includes Cîroc red berry vodka, Bubblegum Revolution flavour, grenadine, lime juice and WKD Blue. 

Finally, 'Spice Up Your Life' (£8.50), commemorates the Spice Girls – the most successful girl band from the era. It features Bacardi spiced rum, Fiery Chilli Revolution flavour, Old Jamaica ginger beer and lime juice. 

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